Diesen Freitag, 28.2.2014, leg ich in Wuppertal auf. Wie immer im Beatz und Kekse im Luisenviddel.
Funk und HipHop und Soul und Reggae von Vinyl in dein Gesicht.

Beatz und Kekse
DJ Just

The beat has a vibe like the movements of a racoon (in our humble opinions), so we came up with the name…

Just Dope - Racoon
initially produced in 03/2007
re-recorded in 2013 for DJ Just’s BeatHour



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As you migh have noticed, we are not using this Blog anymore. Which doesn’t mean we are not making beats anymore. It’s just that Blogs are sooo 2000′ish…  :)

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Guru died today, Monday April 20. 2010


Now going to listen to some Gang Starr stuff in his honour.


This one was created 2006 and re-edited 2007. It has “springish” flavour to it. Might make you forget the cold weather out there (at least here in Germany it’s cold nowadays).

I would love to hear someone rhyming or singing over it…contact us if you’d love to do so.

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Just Dope - Nesfold

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Just Dope Beatcast

This is a mashup of an Interview with Doom and one of our Beats (originally called Dealer)

Doom talks about the fakeness in HipHop nowadays and explains by that why he wears the mask…

Direct Download:

Just Dope feat. DOOM - Statement on Hip Hop (initially from 10/2006)


Just Dope Beatcast