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A pumpin’ Breakbeat and some Hornchops, mixed together on a SP404sx.

Oldschool Drumbreak with a funk Piano and a guy talking about Drums and Piano ;)

+ De La Soul

Our entry for the “ART OF SAMPLING BEAT BATTLE WEEK 2015/36″ on Facebook.

Made on a SP303 and SP404sx.

A classic Drum Break with a not so classic Jazz Sample.
Sometimes slower is better!

Produced on a Roland SP404sx Sampler.

Samples from different sources and countrys join forces to form one of our few more uptempo beats. with a classic drumbreak, a funky organ a hypnotizing female voice….

Produced on a SP404sx.
Recorded 10.02.2015 in Just’s Beat Attic

“Misbehaving - All by myself”

That’s what the Lyrics say and that’s how this Beat was produced.

Done on a Roland SP 404 SX

Recorded 04.02.2015 in Just’s Beat Attic

Picture taken from here

We built a Remix for a Contest; Axel F (J.Rocc & MED) - Sofa Coins.

Stream and download it on Soundcloud:

Produced and recorded @ Just’s Beat Attic in 2014-12/2015-01
Mastered by J.D. Tones, thx.

A nice loop from a Soul track with some just dopish drums.

Maybe an Interlude or something.

recorded 25-11-2014 @ Just’s Beat Attic